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Bringing you the best night's sleep

The good news is, you found us! Even better, from this moment forward, bed time will mean pure bliss, swathed in locally crafted luxury. Our mission is to make sure you wake up every morning well rested and go to bed each night knowing you’ll sleep like a baby.

Establishing the Ministry of Sleepy-Luxury

Granny Goose was born out of a desire to keep South Africans warm in winter and comfortable in summer.

Granny Gaynor placed a quarter-page advert in House & Garden magazine in 1995. The advert offered customers the opportunity to come to her house in Constantia and have their pillows filled to their specific needs right there in her living room. The response was overwhelming.

From filling duvets and pillows herself, production has evolved into a bustling factory of around 200 people. Some of whom remember the days of home-made pillows in Constantia.

We insist on tailoring your experience.

Her vision for your perfect nights’ rest remains the same today. Gaynor has designed a range of bedding to make sure you’re always perfectly cared for whilst resting. She jumps in where ever she can to keep customers happy.

We don’t want to be like every other home retailer. Once you’ve fallen in love with your bed, it is our job to keep you.
  • Design your own pillow, duvet or linen. The world's biggest duvet? Sure, no problem.
  • Rather attached to your oldest, most favourite Granny Goose duvet? We’ll show you how to keep it looking just as spiffy as the day you bought it.
  • Your partner loves your favourite duvet or pillow too but then it's yours not theirs; We'll redesign your Granny Goose faves to keep both of you happy. (Want to see everyone’s favourite favourite? Have a look here

The story of Granny Goose is one about family.

We're not going to tell you that a family run business delivers a better service or products. But what we can tell you is that whatever Granny Goose product you choose to own; there is a lot of love and fun behind its making.

Warm and fuzzy? Most definitely! Gaynor loves absolutely nothing more than her gander of goslings, and this love permeates company culture on every level.

Decided your bed-time needs some Granny Goose?

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* Your perfect nights’ rest is made in Cape Town, South Africa from ethically sourced natural raw materials.