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Baby & Child Buying Guide

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The importance of tactile play toys:

Through encouraging children to explore their form tactile toys invite children to squish and squeeze , pull and stretch, pinch and need their favourite toy.

These actions do the following to aid childhood development:
Encourage a child’s awareness of their body, especially fingers, arms and hands, helping the child to learn to connect with their body.

Toys that offer different tactile and texture experiences are also beneficial in helping children to develop a sensory ‘feeling’ vocabulary. A physically felt sense of self in turn provides the building blocks for the development of an emotional sense of self. This is because our emotional feelings are integrated with physical sensations that communicate to us what it feels like to be happy, sad, worried, afraid etc.

Sensory play experiences may also help children to regulate stress and aid emotional well being. The rhythmical movements of twisting, stretching, squeezing etc. can feel calming.

The physical properties of sensory toys invite a child to engage in different motor movements, a child must control their motor movements of stretching, squeezing, squishing, pulling, rolling, kneading etc… this encourages self control as well as muscle development.