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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is natural fill better than synthetic?

  • Natural filled duvets provide three times the warmth per ounce compared to synthetic duvets. This means a Down Duvet is lighter, and also warmer.
  • Down has the ability to trap air between the filaments of the clusters, this trapped air gives the duvet its loft and puffiness, synthetic duvets tend to be flat and heavy.
  • Down clusters are far more resilient than synthetic fibres and therefore a Down Duvet will last longer.
  • Synthetic fibres have a tendency to lump together over time, leaving empty cold spots, while Down continually remains evenly distributed and retains it's loft.
  • Because down is a natural fiber, it has the ability to breathe and absorb body vapor, preventing you from over heating that often occurs with synthetic fibres.

What is Goose Down?

  • Goose Down is the top of the range, Rolls Royce of fillings. It is the best form of natural insulation known to man. Goose Down has a superior fill power which means that the duvet is very light, and very puffy.
  • Goose Down clusters are the biggest and therefore less filling is needed to fill the duvet in order to obtain the perfect level of insulation. This means that the duvet is extremely light weight keeping you cool in Summer and warm in Winter.
  • The Goose Down that we use in our duvets is imported from America, Germany, Hungary and Canada, the specs are as follows:
    White Goose Down 90/10 (minimum 85% down clusters)
    Polish Goose Down 95/5 (minimum 92% down clusters)
  • A duvet filled with Goose Down will last longer than any other filling, because of its strong, resilient clusters.

What is Duck Down

  • Duck Down is the middle of the range filling. It has a very high fill power, therefore creating a light and puffy duvet.
  • The Duck Down clusters are slightly smaller than the Goose Down clusters, therefore the duvet needs to be filled with more filling to create similar insulation properties. This means that a Duck Down duvet will be slightly heavier than a Goose Down duvet.
  • The Duck Down that we use in our duvets is imported from America and Germany and the specs are as follows:
    Snow White Duck Down 80/20 (minimum 75% down clusters)

What is Duck Down & Feather

  • Feather & Down filling is a more economical option. It is a blend of small duck feathers and duck down, and therefore the duvets will be slightly heavier than the pure down options.
  • The specs are as follows:
    Duck Down & Feather 40/60 (minimum 35% down clusters)

What does 'Tog Value' mean?

The Tog Value measures the warmth to weight ratio of the duvet. It is the ability of the down-filled duvet to retain heat, while still being extremely light. The higher the tog value, the warmer and lighter the duvet will be.

What does 'Thread Count' mean

  • The Thread Count of a fabric is the total number of threads running in both directions in a square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the better the quality of the fabric. Downproof fabric needs a high thread count to prevent any down leakage.
  • We use only 100% pure cotton cambric downproof, it is a long staple cotton with a thread count of 230 or more threads per inch, making it very soft to the touch.
  • All our linen is made from 100% Cotton Percale with a 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 thread count.

What does 'Fill Power' mean?

Fill Power is the ability of a given weight of insulating material to fill space. The greater the loft or fill power of the filling, the better the quality of the duvet or pillow.

This image illustrates the fill power of our 3 fillings.
1. 15g White Goose Down
2. 15g Snow White Duck Down
3. 15g Duck Down & Feather
From this picture you can see the superior fill power of the Goose and Duck Down, these duvets will therefore be lighter than the Duck Down & Feather.

Special Features of Granny Goose Duvets

Superfine Thread Count: We use only 100% pure cotton downproof cambric with a thread count of 230 threads of higher for all the Granny Goose Duvets.
Beautiful Finish: Our duvets are made with durable piped edges with double stitching for a neat and finished look. This also ensures that the down cannot leak through the seamlines. All New Down We use only the finest quality NEW down that conforms to European Standard DIN EN 12934
Baffle-Wall construction: Our Box-Stitch, Channel and Four Seasons Duvets are constructed with a baffle-wall. This is a vertical wall of fabric that is stitched between the upper and lower casing along the seamline. This creates a "box" effect which allows the down to expand to its full potential thereby eliminating cold spots and giving the greatest loft.

All about Allergies

  • Contrary to popular belief, genuine allergies to down are not very common although they can of course occur. Most allergies attributed to down emanate from dust and the dust mite.
  • All Granny Goose natural fill products are triple de-dusted as part of the exhaustive cleaning process.
  • This coupled with the use of a tightly woven cotton downproof fabric prevents the dust mites from entering the casing.
  • For more information please read the following article from the European Down & Feather Association.
  • For people who believe they are sensitive to down we do have Pure Wool and Mulberry Silk duvets available.
  • Click here for more information about allergies

All about our Down and Feather Cleaning Processes

  • When the bales of pre-washed feathers arrive at our factory they must be professionally washed and processed for use in our bedding products.
  • This process comprises of a further two pre-washes, two full washes with with specially formulated detergents, and several rinces. This is followed by drying and sterilising with high pressure steam at 130°C. The next step is the de-dusting process which ensures the products are non-allergenic.
  • Every batch is then tested to determine that the Oxygen rating (organic cleanliness) conforms to international standards.

What about the Environment?

  • Unlike synthetic fibres which are manufactured from oil based chemicals, down and feathers do not deplete the earth's natural resources.
  • Down and feathers are a 100% renewable resource, they are a by-product harvested from ducks and geese farmed commercially for human consumption.
  • No wild birds are harmed in the making of these products.
  • What's more, the superior warmth provided by our products allows you to be comfortable and warm even in colder temperatures. With today's rising electricity costs, ways to reduce consumption are of vital importance.