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Special Features of Granny Goose Duvets

At Granny Goose we are very proud of our range of duvets and are very particular about how each one is made.  We take every effort to ensure the quality and craftmanship of every product and that is reflected in the end product that you receive.

Superfine Thread Count

Superfine Thread count
The Thread Count of a fabric is the total number of threads running in both directions in a square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the better the quality of the fabric. Downproof fabric needs a high thread count to prevent any down leakage. We use only 100% pure cotton cambric downproof, it is a long staple cotton with a thread count of 230 or more threads per inch, making it very soft to the touch and very durable.

Beautiful Finish

All our products are beautifully finished
Our duvets are made with durable piped edges with double stitching for a neat and finished look. This also ensures that the down cannot leak through the seamlines.  Each duvet is embroidered with the Granny Goose logo so you can be sure that it is an original product.

Baffle-Wall Construction

Baffle-Wall Construction
Our Box-Stitch, Channel and Autumn half of the Four Seasons Duvets are constructed with a baffle-wall. This is a vertical wall of fabric that is stitched between the upper and lower casing along the seamline. This creates a "box" effect which allows the down to expand to its full potential thereby eliminating cold spots and giving the greatest loft.

All New Down

Only NEW Down is used in our products
At Granny Goose we ONLY use the finest quality NEW down that conforms to European Standard DIN EN 12934.

A Little Extra

Duvets are supplied in a handy cotton tog bag
We supply an embroidered cotton togbag with each duvet for easy storage. This is especially useful with the Four Seasons duvet as you can use the togbag to store the unused half of the duvet. Natural fill duvets must always be stored in cotton so that it can 'breathe.'