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Technical Information

TOG Value

The Tog Value measures the warmth to weight ratio of the duvet. It is the ability of the duvet to retain heat, while still being extremely light. The higher the tog value, the warmer and lighter the duvet will be. Natural filled duvets have inherently better thermal properties than synthetic fillled duvets, and therefore need less filling to be able to achieve the same level of warmth.

The TOG ratings for our duvets are as follows;

Duck Down & Feather 10.5  N/A
Duck Down 12.5 4.5
Goose Down 13.5 4.5
Canadian Goose Down 13.5 4.5
Polish Goose Down 13.5 N/A

Tog ratings for our Four Seasons duvets are as follows;

Duck Down & Feather 6.5 4.0 10.5
Duck Down 9.0 4.5 13.5
Goose Down 10.5 4.5 15.0
Canadian Goose Down 11.0 4.5 15.5
Polish Goose Down 11.0 4.5 15.5

Fill Power

Fill Power is the ability of a given weight of insulating material to fill space. The higher the fill power of a filling, the higher the quality of the product, the higher it will loft and the longer it will stay puffy.

This image illustrates the fill power of 3 of our fillings.
1. 15g White Goose Down
2. 15g Snow White Duck Down
3. 15g Duck Down & Feather.


From this image you can see the superior fill power of the Goose Down and Duck Down. Duvets filled with a pure down will therefore be lighter than a duvet filled with Duck Down & Feather as less filling is needed.

The same is true for pillows; the higher the fill power of the filling, the higher the quality, the higher the loft and the longer the pillow will retain its firmness.

The fill power ratings for our fillings are as follows;

Duck Down & Feather 400
Duck Down 550
Goose Down 650
Canadian Goose Down 750
Polish Goose Down 850