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Why Choose A Down Duvet?

A good quality down duvets can greatly improve the quality of your sleep. It keeps you warm in Winter and cool in Summer!

  • Down is very light and has very good insulating properties. This gives you the warmth without weight combination which means it can be used all year round.
  • A down duvet is covered with a 100% cotton downproof casing. The natural fibres allow the air to easily pass through the materials. This means the air does not get trapped and therefore does not make you overheat.
  • A down duvet is soft and unlike a blanket actually contours to your body and envelopes you in a comfortable hug while you sleep.
  • The filling of a good quality down duvet has been properly cleaned and de-dusted making the duvet hypo-allergenic. The high quality of the casing also prevents the dust from moving into the duvet keeping it free of dust-mites.

At the end of the day we sleep better at night knowing our customers are cozy and warm sleeping under their Granny Goose duvets.