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Bed Linen - Organising Tips

One of the most difficult cupboards in the house to keep tidy is the linen cupboard. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep things organised and easy to find.

  • Keep Sheet Sets Together
    Store sheets sets together in one pillow case.  Fold the duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillow cases together and slip into one of the pillow cases.  This means that everything for one bed change is kept together and organised.
  • Rotate Your Linen
    Always take your linen out from the bottom of the pile.  This ensures that all your linen is used and worn equally.  This will prolong the life of all your sheet sets.
  • Think in Three's
    As a guide try not to have more that 3 sets of linen for each bed.  This means that while one is in the wash, one is on the bed and one is in the cupboard ready to go.  This will help to keep your linen cupboard free of excess unused linen.
  • Label your shelves
    It may seem like overkill but labelling the shelf in the linen cupboard is the pinacle of organisation.  This means that anyone can get linen form the cupboard without tossing everything about and anyone can pack the linen away in the correct spot.
  • Keep your Linen Fresh
    Use a sachet of fragrance or drawer liner to keep your linen smelling fresh and clean.