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FossFlakes Duvets - Care Instructions

Easy to maintain

All Fossflakes products are easy to maintain and fluff back into shape. They are machine washable at 60°C, making them easy to keep clean and free of dust mites.

First time usage

Your Fossflakes product has been compacted in the sales bag. When you take the product out of the bag, remember to shake and fluff it to recover its volume. Tumble dry for a few minutes at low settingRemove your Fossflakes product promptly when tumble dry cycle is complete. If not removed promptly from a hot tumble dryer, the heat from the dryer drum may damage the filling inside the pillow.

Three tips and advice for maintenance

Fossflakes recommends washing your Fossflakes products three to four times a year at 60°C. Not only will washing at a high temperature keep them clean and free of allergens, it helps maintain the volume and loft of your Fossflakes products.
Even with repeated machine washing and drying, rest assured that your Fossflakes products will not become lumpy or change its excellent properties.
Avoid fabric softener and enzyme based detergents when washing Fossflakes product as these may compromise the properties of the filling. Follow the instructions on the products.

After washing, you can tumble-dry your Fossflakes products for 45 minutes at a low setting, We recommend easy tumble drying without taking your pillow or duvet covers off! Not only does this save you trouble, it will protect your Fossflakes products even better!
If possible, give your Fossflakes product a nice airing outside for a couple of hours.

Fluff and shake your Fossflakes product regularly. Grab a corner (one at a time) and give it a few quick shakes.

FossFlakes Pillows - Care Instructions


Fluff your pillow every morning when you wake up to make it feel like new. Your body heat releases moisture into your pillow and the action of shaking/fluffing will release the trapped moisture and helps your pillow to breathe.

Comfort U Body Pillows

Simply grab one leg at a time and shake it in an up-down wave motion.
Do an occasional tumble drying at low setting

Fosstars Fabric - Care Instructions

We recommend that you wash your FOSSTARS bed linen before its first use. Simply follow the instructions on the care label inside your cover. 3 to 5 % shrinkage may occur, but don’t worry, FOSSTARS covers are fashioned to fit your duvet after washing.
Avoid washing bed linen together with towelling, such as bathrobes or towels, as the nap may impair the smooth finish of your FOSSTARS bed linen.
Separate colours and whites.
If possible, line dry your FOSSTARS bed linen rather than tumble-drying it. This will reduce the creasing in pure cotton, make ironing easier and make your quality products last longer. If you prefer to tumble-dry, do so at a low heat setting so as not to affect the surface sheen of the fabric.