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Fossflakes Nursing Boomerang Pillow + Pillowcase

Quick Overview

The Fossflakes Nursing Pillow is designed to provide optimal support for both mums and babies while breastfeeding. Regardless of which position you prefer, the nursing pillow will provide support, easing the tension in your neck, back and shoulder and helping you get calm and attentive time with your baby.  The Fossflakes Nursing Pillow can also be used later on as a good aid when your baby is learning to sit up, as it provides good support and a safe boundary for the child.

- Helps you breastfeed in a comfortable position without tiring your arms
- Provides ergonomically correct support and comfort
- Retains its shape and volume, even after frequent washing and usage
- Remains cool and dry during use
- Non-allergenic and Oeko-Tex certified
- Doubles up as a Baby support pillow

Size: 114 (l) x 20 (h) x 70 (w) cm
Weight: 720g

1 x FossStars Pillowcase Included

Availability: In stock Lead Time 3 - 6 days